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Our Facebook group : the place to go for details of, and to RSVP for, our upcoming meet-ups

Welcome to the SonicLondon website! Here you will find photos and information from our previous meet-ups, as well as videos, attendee testimonials, and other things!

So! What is SonicLondon? Well its a London-based meetup group that meets approximately 3 times a year. We currently have over 250 members of our Facebook page, and our meets have so far averaged 25 attendees. We have had meet-ups in pubs, parks, the Royal Festival Hall, and our most recent was an activity-filled affair in London’s premier e-sports bar : Meltdown London! We’re gaining recognition by the bucket load, for example recieving donations from Nintendo and Sega/Sumo Digital, and even hosting a joint meet-up with Capcom and their Monster Hunter community.

I must point out that this website is intended mainly as a catalogue of information pertaining to meet-ups that have gone by. To obtain details of future meet-ups, as well as check who’s going and to RSVP, the best place to go is still our Facebook page, which can be found here. If, however, you don’t have a Facebook account please feel free to email HelenBaby at as she is going to set up a mailing list. Please include your name, age, and why you’re interested in joining SonicLondon.

Aside from that please make yourself at home browsing the media we currently have and having a nice read of what went on at our previous meet-ups.



About the Group

Founded on the 22nd March 2010, SonicLondon is a group for Sonic the Hedgehog fans interested in meeting up in and around London. Venues so far have included a pub, a park and the Royal Festival Hall. And we're always looking into more :) This group is for those aged 18 and over.

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